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Future of Sustainability

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19-20 March 2024



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About FOS

The Future of Sustainability promotes sustainable and transparent business practices, aiming to provoke responsible corporate citizenship and sustainable development – from individual to institutional level.

Through the power of publication, events, and awards we aid in achieving your investment goals, whilst simultaneously supporting ethical and environmentally-conscious approaches to do better business!

We provide platforms for thought leaders, businesses, entrepreneurs, organisations and industry experts with a common mission to convene, connect and take actionable steps towards implementing green, sustainable and ethically-sound strategies to mobilise Africa towards a zero-carbon emission, waste-free, fully sustainable, smart continent.

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  • Climate change and its risks to Africa
  • Importance of reducing toxic waste and releases
  • Regulations indicating the levels of environmental liability concerning services and products
  • Pressure to improve performance, transparency
  • Emerging market for environmentally friendly products and services
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  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Community relations / CSI
  • Human rights issues at companyand supplier/contractor
  • Government and community relations in developing countries
  • Diversity in the workplace
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  • Board Structure and accountability
  • Accounting and reporting practices
  • Best Practice
  • Adherence to legislation
  • Anti-corruption
  • Risk Management
  • Social governance

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What makes the FOS Publication unique ?

Discover the future of sustainability in our digital publication focused on ESG. Stay informed about environmental, social, and governance trends, strategies, and best practices. Join us in shaping a better tomorrow


  • World-class editorial
  • A country-wide range of expert contributors spanning all sectors of South Africa’s economy
  • A unique distribution model targeted at top decision makers and industry leaders
  • Unmatched pedigree through partnerships with state departments, big corporates and the United Nations

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