About Future of Sustainability

We are pleased to announce the advent of the 6th edition of our publication ESG Future of Sustainability.  We identify companies achieving great strides in the fields of environment, social and governance, and we profile successes within the publication & online.

Key points of reference when assessing Future of Sustainability companies are:

1  Environmental

  • Climate change
  • Performance and transparency
  • Regulation of environmental liability and water

2  Social

  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Community relations and education

3  Governance

  • Board structure and accountability
  • Accounting and disclosure practices
  • Audit committee structure and independence of auditors
  • Responsible investing covering the SRI, UNPRI and the CRISA codes

What makes Future of Sustainability unique?

  • World-class editorial
  • A country-wide range of expert contributors spanning all sectors of South Africa’s economy
  • A unique distribution model targeted at top decision makers and industry leaders
  • Unmatched pedigree through partnerships with state departments, big corporates and the United Nations

Benefits for partners

  • Access to public sector leaders and decision-makers
  • Positioning alongside South Africa’s leading corporations and institutions
  • Validate your organisation as one of South Africa’s environmental sustainability leaders
  • Engage with like-minded thought leaders and innovators
  • Create lasting and beneficial business contacts and leads
  • Guaranteed return on investment

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