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Connect with leading individuals and organisations operating in the sustainability space.

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What makes Future of Sustainability unique?

  • AA country-wide range of expert contributors spanning all sectors of South Africa’s economy.
  • AA unique distribution model targeted at top decision makers and industry leaders.
  • AUnmatched pedigree through partnerships with state departments, big corporates and the United Nations.
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About Future of Sustainability

The Future of Sustainability Summit is a premier event that promotes sustainable and transparent business practices. Our mission is to provoke responsible corporate citizenship and sustainable development at both individual and institutional levels. By joining this summit, you will be part of a powerful movement driving positive change.

Trusted by leading organisations.


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Gain Insight from the Best

Have access to public sector leaders and decision-makers in the sustainability industry, who you can learn and grow from.

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Form Collaborations & Partnerships

Engage with like-minded thought leaders and innovators in the sustainability sector. Work with goal-oriented invididuals and organisations striving for similar goals.

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Associate yourself with Industry Professionals

Positioning alongside South Africa’s leading corporations and institutions.
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Access Learning & Development

A world-class editorial consisting of countless fresh, innovative ideas, materials and useful advice for you or an organisation to a sustainable future.

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Achieve Measurable Impact

Validate your organisation as one of South Africa’s environmental sustainability leaders.
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Networking and Exposure

Unmatched pedigree through partnerships with state departments, big corporates and the United Nations. Create lasting and beneficial business contacts and leads.


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In-person & Virtual Attendees

Hybrid Learning and Networking Event

Internationally-Acclaimed Speakers

Sustainability Industry Breakaway Workshops

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Connect. Inspire. Be Inspired. Be the change.

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