1. Why did Vodacom choose to get involved in the Future of Sustainability?

We see the Future of Sustainability as a strategic opportunity to position Vodacom as the technology sector leader in sustainability in the African continent. Vodacom is recognised on local and global platforms for our sustainability approach and adoption of leading environmental, social and governance frameworks, which guides the way we do business.

The role of technology as a critical enabler of sustainable development is becoming increasingly important especially in the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with its ambitions to end poverty, reduce inequalities and create a sustainable future for all. Vodacom has embraced this challenge and is optimistic about the role that our technology and connectivity is playing in improving people’s lives and advancing socio-economic progress without harming the environment.

Participation in the Future of Sustainability Forum gives us the opportunity to highlight our core purpose, which is to create inclusive and digital societies that connect for a better future in a sustainable manner.


2. What is Vodacom doing differently from your competitors?

Vodacom has strengthened our commitment to undertaking a journey of being purpose-led organisation by improving the lives of the next 100 million customers and halving our environmental impact by 2025. We aim to do this by taking concrete action in three areas: Digital Society, Inclusion for All and Planet  

We have developed a social contract, which aims to strengthen the relationships we have with all our stakeholders based on the values of trust, fairness and leadership.


3. What is the topic Vodacom will be covering or discussing at Future of Sustainability?

The transformational role of technology in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Vodacom’s intention to focus and drive ambition towards eight of the SDG’s and our journey in embedding purpose in our core business.


4. Where do you see the value in participating in events such as the Future of Sustainability?

We see value in the Future of Sustainability partnership in strengthening our brand and reputation as a purpose led organisation committed to connecting for a better future. We recognise the value that this platform brings in raising awareness of our commitment to our purpose and aim to use the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, enterprises and organisations to explore opportunities to collaborate with others on delivering on a more sustainable future.


5. Do you have a message for other Environmental & Social Governance Practitioners?

With the growing focus on organisations to adopt more sustainable business practices and to merge financial performance with ethical and responsible practices that place the needs of people and the planet before profits, there is never a more important time that now to do so.

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