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SENTECH, a state-owned company, is a leading provider of electronic communications network services to the country’s broadcasting and communications industry. We provide broadcast transmission services to all SABC radio and television stations, commercial radio and TV stations, and over 150 Community radio stations country-wide on a daily basis. We also provide connectivity and infrastructure services to the retail, telecommunications and the public sector.


SENTECH SOC Limited is a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) operating in the broadcasting signal distribution and telecommunications sectors and reporting to the Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies. 

SENTECH began as a technical division of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (“SABC”) responsible for signal distribution services of the Corporation. In 1992, the SABC corporatised the division as SENTECH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Corporation.

In 1996, the SENTECH Act 63 of 1996 was amended, converting SENTECH into a separate public company responsible for providing broadcasting signal distribution services as a ‘common carrier’ to licensed television and radio broadcasters.

SENTECH is licensed to provide Electronic Communications Network Services (ECNS) and Electronic Communications Services (ECS) services as stipulated under the Electronic Communications Act (ECA).

SENTECH is all about connecting you to the world and connecting the world to you.


A global leader in digital content delivery.


Creating smart communities by connecting customers and people through the delivery of content and innovative digital solutions.


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I    –    Innovative

C    –    Customer-centric 

A    –    Accountable

R    –    Responsibility

E    –    Ethical

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