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Green cities

The corona virus has had a number of unintended consequence – one of them being that Earth has had a chance to breathe because of the pause button that has been hit of gaseous emissions. What do we do to sustain this regeneration of our planet? Cities and industrial areas are major pollutant producers and working towards the establishment of green cities is one way we can ensure we put into practice a lesson learned during Covid-19.

Three tips on fake news

There is a children’s story about a chicken which ran around spreading fake news to all his friends that “the sky was falling”. Now in this time of global concern, when most people get their news off the Internet, we have a major issue regarding Corona. There are other kinds of chickens out there deliberately creating false news. The million-dollar question is – how do you know what is true and what is fake?

Are you investing in the future?

Do you see sustainability as a soft issue, removed from the real business of maximising shareholder value? Is it about ‘giving back’ to society through a social investment programme and encouraging marketing departments and facility managers to embrace the new ‘green agenda’?

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